F.A.Q. on W.B.A.C.

Frequently Asked Questions on Websites by Air-Care

What do you use to build my website?

All of the Websites by Air-Care are built on the highly popular WordPress platform, that was originally built for blogs but because of it’s ease and versatility it is often used by professional webmasters to build websites too.

What’s a plugin?

Plugins are little snippets of code that bring additional functionality to your website.  Examples include: calendars, reviews, Facebook and social media integration, photo galleries, mobile readiness and thousands more.  They are kind of like apps for your mobile device.

What’s a widget?

Widgets are similar to plugins but generally help with the placement of pages, sections, and plugins on a website.

What is the difference between Basic SEO and Advanced SEO?

Basic SEO includes Title tags, Descriptions and keywords for every page, while Advanced SEO is an ongoing process that utilizes reporting analysis, alt image tags, link building and much more.  We do not offer Advanced SEO at this time but we show you how to enhance what you have during your training.

Can I make my own changes?

Yes!  We’ll show you how during your 1 hour of training.

What is the difference between a Blog and a Website?

BASICALLY, A blog can be a website and a log of ongoing posts thereby keeping the content fresh which is good for search engine rankings.  A website is static and doesn’t change frequently.

Do I get statistics?  

Yes.  Because build your website on a WordPress platform, and we install some very handy plugins, you get the benefit of statistics!

Will you create my logo?

Yes.  The fee for logo design is $65.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

How long does it take to build a website?

Provided we have account access to the registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)  you have your domain with, we can usually get them done in one week or less.

What is a domain?  

It’s the “.com” or “.net” part of your website.   If you are starting a new website, we prefer you buy one from GoDaddy.

What pages are included?

If you look at the top row of buttons on www.websitesbyair-care.com, you’ll  see a sampling of all the pages that are included.  You can have as little or as many of them as you like.  You can also build more pages on your own, or have us add some as an upgrade.